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My love for the arts started when I was 13 years old, when my Mom taught me how to sew.  As a teenager I was able to create a few outfits for myself that were reversible.  When I became an Aunt, I began to create and sew whimsical costumes and quilts of my own design or modified patterns for my nieces and nephews. Along with sewing, I also design and make stained glass pieces.  In 2010, I decided to change my life’s direction and moved to Florida to study interior design. While taking a color theory class I discovered I had an eye for colors. 

Today my preferred artistic medium is fluid art that is bursting with colors, often using metallic, fluorescent and/or color iridescence acrylic paints.  Fluid Art is the thinning of paints with a pouring medium then putting the paint on the canvas in different ways and manipulating it in various fashions.   I enjoy moving the paint with various size blow dryers.

After creating several smaller paintings, I also started making sets of energetically designed coasters. Although these have been the mainstay of my artistry, many patrons have asked if I could create works on larger canvases.  Larger artwork has now become my passion, I enjoy the challenge in creating a composition that works with that size canvas.

My inspiration stems from wanting to mix the colors I love with peaceful enjoyment to patrons while at the same time bringing visual stimulation to the community.

The encouragement received from patrons has led me to today as I present to you the Wishing Tree Artistry



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